fond blanc

Visual identity,
Lecture series at CSM

I've been asked to create an identity for the Lecture series Transmissions, at Central Saint Martins
University.  The project is based
on this simple idea: our field
is constantly evolving, moving, transforming; and so do the letters' shapes of this work.

Client: Central Saint Martins,
University of the Arts, London

The rules of graphic communication design are being rewritten and its
canonical figures and works of the 20th Century are being unseated
by new perspectives from the cultural and economic fringes, new models
of practice and new media hybrids. Meanwhile, design outcomes are
shifting from print-based media to screen-based media to a newfound
media agnostic state. How are leading graphic communication design
practitioners thinking and working in this new unsettled climate?
What are the implications for educators and students of graphic com-
munication in this expanded field?

animation Transmissions, Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire
poster lecture series Transmissions, Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire
Transmissions, Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire
Transmissions, gif Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire
Transmissions, gif Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire